Event Planning to Create Memorable Events

Three images showing elements of event planning process

We unite all aspects of your event planning to create you an extravagant event.
When it comes to planning your event, all details are meticulously considered whether it is the venue finding, event design or event management we’ve got everything covered.

As part of your event planning service we offer you a detailed event plan featuring all aspects of your event and how they will be project managed in order to produce a successful event. Throughout the entire event planning process our team will ensure your vision and voice is heard.

What’s involved in your event planning service?

  • We start with taking your vision and developing this into an exciting event idea.
  • We creatively integrate your ideas across all event elements such as the design and decor, entertainment, catering, marketing and more.
  • Source a selection of venues which match your requirements.
  • Finalise your event suppliers and event hire considering factors such as the price, quality and service.
  • Ensure supplier contracts are managed to cover your event requirements.
  • Allocate your budget to each aspect of the event ensuring your budgetary needs are met.
  • Produce a schedule of onsite event management tools:
    1. Timeline of the event programme activities
    2. Guest or visitor flow throughout the event
    3. Supplier logistics management
  • Event feedback and evaluation (If applicable to your event).


Sourcing event suppliers has never been easier!

We carry a large range of event hire equipment and can provide you with a complete service from:

  • Delivery and Collection:

    Arrangements can be made to deliver and collect your event hire supplies at a specified time directly from your event venue. Allowing you ample time to set up and take down.

  • Set up and take down service:
    If you need help with the set up and take down of your event hire equipment, we have the support staff to assist you. Our team will work around stringent deadlines ensuring that everything is in place before and after your event.

For enquiries on event hire equipment and event planning.